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Get the care you deserve.

The TribeRx Program is designed to offer you the support you need while working with a healthcare provider to reduce your pain. If you don't currently have a provider treating your pain, our Pain-Proof Program with Dr. Kachko might be the right fit. 

Program Details

In addition to working with your Peer Coach, you'll have regular virtual appointments with Dr. Robert Kachko over the course of 16 weeks.


Learn more about Dr. Kachko's unique "Pain-Proof" approach:

  Module 1 
A New

Learn about a whole new approach to take charge of your pain.

Module 4
A Deep Connection

Learn how to use your body's own pain-relief tools.

Woman Sleeping
Module 7

Get the sleep you need to recover well. 

hands out.jpg
Module 2 
From Depletion to Renewal

Learn about the role that pain has played in your life. 

woman hope.jpg
Module 5​ 
Taking Back Your Life

Take charge of your pain, today and forever. 

Green Goodness
Module 8
A Nutrition Prescription

Learn about the latest dietary approaches that can help. 

Module 3
Learning About Your Pain

Understand what your pain means and why it won't go away.

Module 6
Aligning Values

Understand the steps that will be required for long-term relief. 


Schedule Free Consult

Interested in learning more? Use the online scheduling tool below to schedule a free 15 minute "Discovery Call" to learn more about the program and understand if it is the right fit for you. 

Arleady working with a provider?

Our TribeRx programs are designed to augment the work you're doing with your healthcare team, to provide you the support and understanding you need in between visits. 

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