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Research confirms that a biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain provides the most comprehensive support.


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Part 1

"Pain-Proof: Building Resilience

to Chronic Pain"

Educational Webinars

Knowledge is healing.

Join Dr. Robert Kachko in this two-part webinar series to learn how to offer comprehensive support for chronic pain and mental health challenges.

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Part 2

"Maintaining Patient Resilience

Despite Social Isolation" 

"Pain-Proof: Building Resilience

to Chronic Pain"

  • The role of hyper-vigilance, catastrophizing, and self-efficacy in chronic pain outcomes

  • Key psychosocial determinants of chronic pain including relevant genomics

  • The role of nutrition, inflammation, and oxidative stress in chronic pain

  • Tools to incorporate into your practice today to augment physical medicine modalities already employed

  • Learn how TribeRx Peer Coaches can help you address pain and mental health more effectively

Pain-Proof Webinar
Maintaining Resilience Webinar

"Maintaining Patient Resilience: Addressing Pain and Mental Health Despite Social Isolation"

  • Continue to build upon the biopsychosocial pain care model discussed in Webinar 1 in this series

  • Understand the incidence of anxiety and depression in people with sustained chronic pain, including shared mechanisms for the co-occurrence of these disorders

  • Learn approaches, with a focus on nutrients and botanicals,  to address chronic pain within the context of these disorders 

  • Learn how to do all of the above via Telehealth with the help of TribeRx Peer Coaches!

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