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You're ready to take back your life from chronic pain.

Connect with someone who has done it before for the step-by-step support you need to be successful.


There's no need to hurt alone. 


The TribeRx program is designed by leading clinicians and researchers, and is based on the latest science on chronic pain. Our unique approach will take you on a journey to make sense of what you've been experiencing and allow you to feel better, sooner. 

TribeRx Peer Coaches have been there

Our trained Peer Coaches have a lived experience of chronic pain and can offer unique insights

Connect with others who understand

Peer Groups offer opportunities for real connection and support

Clarity on your journey to take back your life

Feel better, together. A Customized Wellness Plan will help to keep you on track.

Your intention to

feel better

It all starts with you. You're here because you realize that getting well requires a new approach. The choice to begin this journey is the most important step.



Dealing with chronic pain alone makes it more challenging. We'll connect you with a group of others who can understand where you've been and where you're going, together.

Chronic Pain


You have it within you to help yourself recover from chronic pain. We'll show you the way, at a pace that works for you. You'll be supported each step along the way.



Research from the fields of mindfulness and psychology has provided actionable tools that will help you to feel your best. Quality of life is possible, and we'll show you how. 

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