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Driven by an understanding of the deep impact of social connection and support on how people recover from health challenges, our goal is to change how the healthcare system engages with people suffering from chronic disease. To do so, we're mobilizing the Peer Support community to integrate social support into a comprehensive biopsychosocial care model. 

We work with healthcare providers to create a peer work force to support your patients.

Robert Kacho CEO New York

Robert Kachko



Clinical Programs and Technology

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Physician, Healthcare Innovation and Peer Advocate

Meet The Team

Andrew Vickery COO New York

Andrew Vickery


Peer Champion /

Commercial and Business management

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Technology Banker and Investor, Peer Leader and Advocate

Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Schatman PhD
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Leading Pain Psychologist,


Journal of Pain Research

Rollin McCraty PhD
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Social Coherence Researcher,

Director of Research

HeartMath Institute

Rollin McCraty PhD
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Psychosocial Chronic Pain Research,

Clinical Faculty - University of Washington - School of Medicine

Peer Support Thought Leader,

Director - Temple University 

Collaborative on Community Inclusion

About Peer Support

About Peer Support

Peers help patients feel

Addressing the isolation of chronic disease


You don't have to do this alone. A journey toward sustainable health is more likely to be successful with the right support. TribeRx Peer Coaches are people who have lived with challenges similar to what you're facing and have unique experiences to share. They have been specially trained on the TribeRx approach, and are looking to provide support. Your Peer Coach can act as your advocate, helping you to better navigate personal challenges and to achieve your goals. Peers not only provide support, but also offer the opportunity for partnership and accountability in making the types of lifestyle changes that are necessary to feel better in a sustainable way. 


Proven Outcomes, Reduced Costs


Peer support has been proven to help people feel better, even with the most challenging chronic health concerns. Peers help people achieve better outcomes, particularly for those who suffer from mental health, substance use and chronic conditions. At TribeRx, we have unmatched experience in creating and guiding peer programs to produce exceptional results.

A critical resource in healthcare

One way to think of a peer is as a "smart friend". Someone who has been through what a patient is facing and found ways to make the best of it. Someone to hear their concerns and give valuable and timely advice. Peers serve to address isolation, which is both a cause and effect of chronic illness. They act as a critical resource, covering gaps in care.

Outside of facilitating TribeRx groups, our Peer Coaches can assist by:​

  • Making introductions to resources that may be helpful 

  • Providing insight into every aspect of the patient experience

  • Providing physical and emotional support in meeting challenges 

  • Accompanying patients to appointments 

  • Providing in-home and community visits 

  • Advocating on all levels

  • Modeling successful adaptation to chronic disease


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