Week 1 
A New

Learn about a whole new approach to take charge of your pain.

Week 4
A Deep Connection

Learn how to use your body's own pain-relief tools.

Week 7

Get the sleep you need to recover well. 

Week 10

Learn about the right body postures and techniques to keep pain from getting worse. 

Week 2  
From Depletion to Renewal

Learn about the role that pain has played in your life. 

Week 5​ 
Taking Back Your Life

Take charge of your pain, today and forever. 

Week 8
The Right

Learn how and when to exercise to get pain relief without hurting yourself.

Week 11
Finding Purpose

Put your pain into a context that will help you feel better, faster.

Week 3
Learning About Your Pain

Understand what your pain means and why it won't go away.

Week 6
Aligning Values

Understand the steps that will be required for long-term relief. 

Week 9
A Nutrition Prescription

Learn about the latest dietary approaches that can help. 

Week 12
Celebrating Yourself

Putting it all together, and recognizing how far you've come. 

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