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You aim to provide comprehensive biopsychosocial care.

We're here to help. Our approach to peer support, self-management education, and resilience training will be a resource for your patients that allows them to begin to take back their lives from chronic pain. Join our provider network, help more people, and be the change your patients need.

The TribeRx Psychosocial Pain Program is designed by leading clinicians and researchers, based on the latest science on biopsychosocial pain care. Our unique combination of features is meant to keep your patients engaged and empowered to take charge of their own health. 

Help your patients feel supported

Our trained Peer Coaches have a lived experience of chronic pain to offer unique insights. We can help you get reimbursed for Peer Services.

Spend more time without adding time to your day

Group visits allow you to increase efficiency and practice the way you've always wanted

Increase billing while improving outcomes

Shared Medical Appointments and Remote Patient Monitoring allow you to explore new revenue streams without compromising patient care



Treatment of chronic pain requires careful attention  alongside a multi-modal care plan. The TribeRx program is designed to function in support of what you're already doing to help your patients.



Peer Support has been proven to improve outcomes for some of the most difficult to treat chronic diseases. We're applying the science of peer support in novel and exciting ways. 

Chronic Pain


Self-management is among the best evidence-based treatments for chronic pain. When people take charge of their own care, sustainable improvement is more likely. 



Chronic pain is complex, and research shows that people do better when equipped with cutting edge techniques from the fields of mindfulness and psychology.

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