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Join a group of peers on a journey to take back your lives from chronic pain, together.

About The Program

Are you ready to really take charge of your pain? Our team of Clinicians and Peer Support specialists has designed a customized support experience to help you feel better, sooner. The entire experience is meant to be a complement to the healthcare you're already receiving, and won't conflict with any of your treatments. 

Participants will connect with a trained Peer Coach and Peer Group for regular support and encouragement.

Hands Up



Empowering group meetings and personal support from our Peer Coaches

Research shows that it is easier to recover from any chronic condition when people feel understood and supported.

Group Discussion

Self-Management Lifestyle Change

Best practices from psychology and lifestyle medicine

The best available science tells us that taking charge of your own health is the only way to sustainably reduce the impacts of chronic health conditions.


Resilience Training

Mindfulness, meditation, and guided imagery to reframe your experience

Dealing with a chronic health condition alone is difficult enough. Doing so without the necessary tools to take back your life is even harder. 

The Experience

Peer Group Support

Support Group

Peer Groups meet regularly online (and in-person, where available). These meetings are intended to provide a space of understanding and to connect you with others who may have similar experiences. 

TribeRx Peer Coaches


With the TribeRx program, you’re never alone. Your Peer Coach is available to help you on your journey toward relief from the challenges of your chronic condition. All of our coaches have gone through the program themselves, and can be an invaluable resource as you navigate your own path forward. Meet, call, text, video chat: connect however you need.

TribeRx Mobile App


When you join our community you will be able to connect with your Peer Coach and your Peer Group through a private and secure mobile app. Use this app to track your progress and to stay connected with the rest of the TribeRx Community.


Download here.

Customized Wellness Plans

nudge coach back end.png

Based on your unique needs, your Peer Coach will help you to set achievable goals that you can track together alongside your healthcare team. This approach will help you to continue to move in the direction of getting your health back. 

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