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Help others.

Help yourself.

The TribeRx Peer Program is looking for motivated individuals with a "lived experience" of chronic pain.

Careers with TribeRx

TribeRx is building a next generation digital health platform and Peer Support program. We are actively seeking individuals who have suffered from chronic pain to serve as TribeRx Peer Coaches. Your lived experience is extremely valuable to those facing the same challenges you have (or are). This is your chance to use what you have learned to help others. 

We are seeking individuals who are caring, empathetic, engaged, positive, motivated and reliable. 

You don't need to have any training as we will provide necessary training for the right candidates (We will also support you in receiving your certifications if desired). Most people find that the training actually aids their own recovery in addition to preparing them to assist others. 

Peers will generally work part time initially, and will have the opportunity to move into positions of increasing responsibility. 

We understand the parameters of federal, state and city benefit programs and can work with you to create a schedule that allows you to maintain your benefits while working for us. 

If you want to use your lived experience to help others (and yourself!), please contact Andrew Vickery: (Andrew is a Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Recovery Peer Advocate and will happily take the time to talk through the specifics of your situation)

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